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Cristian Martinez & Zeina Altawil


It all started when they bought their first home, after seven years of relationship. The couple shared the renovations undertaken in their new home and it reached a large audience. It was from there that the official launch of the company took place. Zeina and Cristian wanted to combine their talents and passions in design and construction to be able to offer turnkey service. Their primary objectives are to accompany the client through all the stages of a renovation and to commit to guiding the client towards what he really wants. The couple seek to put people in confidence and to offer personalized services, adapting to the person. What makes this couple unique is that they always succeed in accomplishing a transformation that goes beyond the client's expectations.


Cristian Martinez
Co-fondateur, Entrepreneur Général

Zeina Altawil
Co-fondatrice, Designer d'intérieur

Cristian's course

10 years ago, Cris began his career working in the field of renovation and interior finishing. He obtained a DEP in refrigeration to work for a few months as a refrigeration engineer. Five years ago, he realized that he loved the renovation field much more, in which he subsequently developed by going for his RBQ license to start his business. His company was called CM Renovations. Cristian is meticulous for everything that touches the interior finish and He makes sure to do his job diligently so that it is impeccable.

Journey by Zeina

Passionate about art and design from a very young age, she began her journey with a certificate in art and then embarked on a Bachelor's degree in environmental design. Since then, she has had several different work experiences, but she always dreamed of having her own business of which she is now co-owner. Attentive to detail, Zeina has always had an eye for combinations of materials and different textures. Another of her strengths is that she will be able to maximize the space to its full potential. 

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